Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hieu Nguyen
Ryan Gallagher
English 12CP
6 Dec. 2010

                                    The Finally Essay on The Stranger.

Throughout the novel The Stranger, Albert Camus uses the foils proved that how Meursault running his life, how his emotion shift frequently. Also proved that life is something we called gambling. We must play; either win or lose. We are sure thought that Meursault has no emotion. However the resolution turned skeptical, I would say. Metaphor that’s life will be changed with unexpect. Also will change out point of view, out attitude base on any circumstances.
In this passage Mersault acting calmly like nothing was just happened to his mom. He has show no emotion. His life telling us that he has independently and isolation life. The person that created him has gone. So what, is it going to change anything or impact his life. It’s not a big deal to Mersault.
           Instead focusing on his mom. Mersault concentrate every single details on the street "The young men had made sure that would have to bump right into them and then they would make craks. The girls giggled and turned their head away". Page 24. The past is from yesterday and today is today,  not yesterday. That's how he running his life.  
           Sitting down on the char thinking anything has through his life. " Then the street lamps came on all of sudden and made the first stars appearing in the night grow dim. I felt my eyes getting tired from watching street filled with so many people and lights". On page 24. Getting tired of either happiness and sadness that what Meursault feeling now.
           However, human must have emotion, that is just a gift. Either hate or love, you must have one of. But it seems that Mersault has none. " Sunday was over, that Maman was buried now, that I was going back to work, and that really nothing had changed". Page 24. How could Mersault could say these words. The dearest person of his has gone. He felt like nothing had changed. Was he really mean it. Sunday was over, So should he start a new adventure.
            In part 1 “ the stranger” doesn’t show any emotion from Meursault. Somehow part 2 has something changed in Meursault’s view, the way he spoke, act, and determining people have explored. Seem like he is a smart guy. But never want to shown or use it.
            In the stranger part2, Albert Camus has show a bit motion from Meursault. When
he was in jail, while in jail it give Meursault a lot of time to think of. And Marie came visit has discover Meursault emotion. So, Meursault at least he has a motion.
            When the passage begins, Meursault describes how does Marie looks, These detail he never mentioned before. “ Already pressed up against the grate, she was smiling her best smile for me. I thought she looked very beautiful, but I didn’t know how to tell her.” Meursault has emotion but he just doesn’t express it out somehow.
            Also Meursault doesn’t want anyone could fell his pain. He wants to keep it inside, not acting out “ “ Well?” She called across to me. “ Well, here I am.” “Are you alright? Do you have everything you want?” “Yes, everything” It is weird if you could answer you got everything ended up in jail, the cell with four walls cover you. So he doesn’t want anyone feel empathy for him.

A billion people in this world, a billion different point of view, a billion different attitude. You never know or could discovery what people think inside of them. What Meursault did in this book was incredible and was unexpected at all. And life seems to him that is what just beginning.

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