Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In the stranger part2, Albert Camus has show a bit motion from Meursault. When he was in jail, while in jail it give Meursault a lot of time to think of. And Marie came visit has discover Meursault emotion. So, Meursault at least he has a motion.
            When the passage begins, Meursault describes how does Marie looks, These detail he never mentioned before. “ Already pressed up against the grate, she was smiling her best smile for me. I thought she looked very beautiful, but I didn’t know how to tell her.” Meursault has emotion but he just doesn’t express it out somehow.
            Also Meursault doesn’t want anyone could full his pain. He want to keep it inside, not acting out “ “ Well?” She called across to me. “ Well, here I am.” “Are you alright? Do you have everything you want?” “Yes, everything” It is weird if you could answer you got everything ended up in jail, the cell with four walls cover you. So he doesn’t want anyone feel empathy for him

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