Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The College Essay

                                          WHO TOOK MY FAMILY???
        My life sometimes I feel it is so simple to live, simple to fit in, but then after we heard the news that we could go to America. I'm really happy and also curious to fit in a new life. A life that i know there is bunch of adventure. I will get through all the hard times even trouble.
        Much seemed to my life until my dad became addicted to alcohol. Since then everything in my life has changed. My family became wounded and broken. My mom made a decision to divorce my dad. I had to decided to follow my dad, who taught me so much in life, or Should i follow my mom , who took care of me when I was sick and cheered me up when i was sad? Every morning I woke up thinking about this decision and couldn't let it go. Anytime I hung out with my friends, it kept reminding me of which decision i had to make. Fortunately, my grandma gave me the advice that I should compare each way for my future. One day I woke up, and I has the feeling that my heart telling me I must make that decision today. I must follow my mom and leave behind, my dad and which the river that I used to hung out near and drink from. I might never taste it again.
        A year after I came to the U.S a place that people in my country called "HEAVEN". Things seem stranger to me , I still homesick. I miss my dad and my friends. But my grandparent give me support. I getting better and used to live in America.
        I don't know what people think, but i knew from the bottom of my heart, a decision that I have made for my future will and now turning brighter, closer, day by days. And i know when I made some negative, or positive decision, It will be exactly result from my own decision.

Essay on Plum Plum Pickers

        In Plum Plum Pickers, Raymand Barrio suggested that hard labors in the poor conditions. State us that life is just not fair as we thought. And how people treating with each other. As far as they getting more benefit they willing to do anything. And temptation could shift person as different one.
        Poor and rich are opposite words. So, what about people are they opposite of two words rich and poor too. Well, if that so life must isn't fair. The author describe how unlucky people were born in this world. But when you were born in the poor family. It is like you got trapped. you can't control nor change it. Sometimes people also spoil the harbor. The workers they work hard all day but then somebody came and took half of the credit They have no choice, they're always in someone's shoe. People have power could change things. They can cheat on poor people without punishment. And the poor people only can nodd their head and do whatever they telling. However sometimes they would talk back and argue what right and asked for justice but it is useless. The rich people always win and poor people just a puppet for the rich people to command.
        After all poor is still poor, no matter what happened. Between poor and rich there still have the conflict. And you can't mix this two words as one. They must separated as people separate a part between poor and rich. And the balance credit is still the rich always getting more than a poor one. And that is life, it life, and it doesn't fair after all.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


        The " Red Shift" written by Ted Berrigan is showing us his emotional represented by the red color standing for love and anger. And the shift which changing forward and backward from love to anger.
        At first he is expressing where he at? and showing he is disappointed his life. He felt like hopeless, he would do anything to punish his life dying slowly. Drinking Calvado. then immediately he is mentioning his past. Love is always great, but then children, money and sometimes i won't fit into life. Divorced and received nothing. Give much but how much you can received. That is it, that life. You thought would change your destination but too bad. There is there, can't change it. Hot or cold water is still water. We couldn't change to the liquid!
        From now, his anger has shift back. People would live long as the California Dream but he he doesn't. He saying something opposite in some awkward way. He will never taken by his age.  But he also says that " I will never go away and you will never escape from me". It is awkward by the person that telling what he strong at. But also showing his weakness and mistaken.
        But then at the end he was missing the love and anger. Two of them in one and last statement sharing his peacefully in side of him. He realized that thing will never change. He was and living the life that " only our human lot" !