Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Essay On Stranger Book

Hieu Nguyen
Ryan Gallagher                                                                                                                      
 12 CP Period 1                                                                                                                     
 19 Oct 2010

            In this passage Mersault acting calmly like nothing was just happened to his mom. Mersault have show no emotion. His life telling us that he has independently and isolation life. The person that created him has gone. So what, is it going to change anything or impact his life. It is not a big deal to Mersault.
           Instead focusing on his mom. Mersault concentrate every single details on the street "The young men had made sure that would have to bump right into them and then they would make craks. The girls giggled and turned their head away". Page 24. The past is from yesterday and today is just not yesterday. That's how he running his life.  
           Sitting down on the char thinking anything has through his life. " Then the street lamps came on all of sudden and made the first stars appearing in the night grow dim. I felt my eyes getting tired from watching street filled with so many people and lights". On page 24. Getting tired of either happiness and sadness that what felt.
           However, human must have emotion, that is just a gift. Either hate or love, you must have one of. But it seems that Mersault have none. " Sunday was over, that Maman was buried now, that I was going back to work, and that really nothing had changed". Page 24. How could Mersault could say these words. The dearest person of his has gone. He felt like nothing had changed. Was he really mean it. Sunday was oever, So should start a new adventure.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Essay On Independent Reading Book.

         Annie Dillard has written book including the memoir of her parent. An American childhood the NorthWest pioneer Gric the living An American Childhood by Annie Dillard is a happy memoir of Annie's own life a child of a well to do pittburgh's family. Dillard remembers much of her childhood and doesn't hesistate to tell us a bit of it. there is a little about the childhood of a girl from a somewhat wealthy home, growing in Pittsburgh that would normally be thought of as intersitity or original enough to write about.

         In this book contains four parts about her life are the time of her early childhood; The time that Dillard deal with her life from age of ten to fifteen; thirdly describe her years of rebellious adolescence; lastly was contain her adult reflection. on her early childhood. Part one of the book deals with her early childhood from 1950 on wards. It give us all the details of her family life and her child hood activities and the influence of the natural environment. Dillard now learned that her dad usually left home for his mission. And the time he on the boat he used the time wisely. he loves and enjoys every single moment reading the book.
        Part two Dillard deals with her life from the age of ten to fifteen.In this section she records her impressions on the joys of reading. it also contain an account of her religious expressions. Dillard now passionate and books drove her crazy. It inspired Dillard to became a writer.
        Part three describes her years of rebellious adolescence just before she left for college. She tells us how she quit and then rejoined the church. However Dillard come back and after that she became a writer.
        The Epilogue contains her adult reflections on her early childhood. Her adult reflection on her early childhood. Connecting with her dad and by that her life changed and because her dad was a book readers has demonstrate Dillard.