Thursday, September 30, 2010

The first in-class essay on " Lanscape with the Fall of Icarus"

         In "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus" William Carlos suggesting the sad theme without expression or telling the exact. But if i based on the painting from Brugel i can see the theme telling me something that going wrong in that moment.
         According to the poem that Icarus fell i was spring but then people in the painting just standing there. And they showing no emotional. It just like nothing happened. But why these people acting like that when they saw Icarus was fall into an ocean. There must be something that they are jealous about Icarus. Something he has but they don't. Based on the painting i would see and figure out that Icarus and few people are in the same boat. they must stuck in this island as jail as well. And they are trying to find some way to get out of there.
         Icarus must be the one who figured out the way to escape that island by a flight way. And because of that. People in that island have jealous of Icarus. But like naturally when people jealous, they are not showing outcome. But like inside they been keeping it and wait for the chance to revenge. But it's naturally people were born in jealous and greedy!
         And when Icarus's day came he already to fly away from this land. And based on that poem and the painting. We could image that an ocean and the sky are waiting. The ocean have no wave or roaring. And the  sky were blue and yellow as it concern for Icarus. But then when Icarus set to flee away, there is something wrong with his equipment. He started flying and thought that he will make the great escape. But unfortunately, his equipment falling apart, he started falling and drowning in the ocean without a trace.
         Instead people in the island cry out they just back to what they working on. And no one would know Icarus exist or not. They couldn't find his body. Actually they don't really want try to find it. And why would they care!

The 500 words on Bruegel

Based on this art if you have the view from the top of the mountain you would see anything down there clearly.This is such a gorgeous country that surround by wealthy nature have created by God. From here we can see the blue sky the beauty cloud that flowery on the sky,according to this situation we can determine that the weather must be in Fall,we just can not see any leaf lay on the tree branch anymore and this art is just looks pretty sad.If we take a look on the left that we could see the small town and behind that town there is a giant mountain and when the first time i look at it i thought that was a Golem, and there also a harbor in order people from a different town they can come and make a trade and doing their business.But it does look its a quite town people could awake and come out their house to do their business rather than staying home at this point. In the middle of an ocean we can see that a sailing boat nailed right in the center. They are finding the right location for net down to catching some fish. But on this art,there is something not in the right track. If we look farther on the left we could see the town, however on the right side there is no living there,it doesn't have any signs that people live there. And just look alike an abandon place some point.there are a bunch of trees behind it and the main thing that right in our front we would see that a few people on the field,they must be a farmers.Waking up early in the morning in Fall wasn't that easy for these farmers. they are fully cover themselves with fur clothing. But Why would these people live separately with the other in a small town? the must be some secrets hidden! Or because people in the small town just don't like them? Or because they against the rule? These people live in the separately mountains some of them were old and young too.The man with the long gray dress is on the field, why are they using the cow to plough the field instead the horse. and the other guy is shepherd. He is looking up on the sky, he must waiting for the weather shift.But then if you look on the bottom right you will see the guy is fishing. because next to him there is a eagle. And there’s only one reason why the eagle is there. Because the eagle trying to catch some fish.They have to survive by their own, no one supply their food or drink. The shepherd must looking up to the sky wishing that some raining will coming down, at least their need would provide with water. And the other reason that they have to be there themselves that people from the town must testing them see if they could survive without water and foods.

Selection from Ovid D.J

   But in the new bird-form, Perdix, the partridge,
   Never flies high, nor nests in trees, but flutters
   Close to the ground, and the eggs are laid in the hedgerows.
   The bird, it seems, remembers, and is fearful
   Of all high places.

                                       This sentence that i picked telling that eople seem to put Icarus in their heart where not to be forgotten!

Personal letter

                               Dear, Mr Gallagher
This is Hieu Nguyen, it been a long time since a freshman year. I haven't write or send any letter especially you. I just want to tell you more about myself. I'm from Viet Nam but i came to U.S when i was sixteen it's like three years ago. Well, the language i spoke i guess you already know so no need to tell. I live in Malden nearby the FerryWay school. That's all i want to say and i hope that i will see you next week on Monday. by the way If we have a chance I would like to talk with you after school or whether you are available because i have bunch of things that I am so concern about this year and how do you feel when you were senior in high school and what is your decision for any first step on the way to first year of the college. I think that's all and I must stop my writing right now. I hope i will see you soon !